Janey and me



I'm a graphic designer, artist, and life-long learner living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. I grew up in Georgia, studied at the University of Georgia in Athens, and after graduating in 2002, decided to pack up my Honda, return to the place of my birth, and seek my fortune. I have since built a career, a home (there goes my fortune!), and a family in the Bay Area, but my adopted southern roots remain and occasionally yearn for the glow of fireflies, the sound of thunderstorms, and the smell of reliably wonderful biscuits.

Over the course of 12 years' experience in graphic design, I've realized that the greatest part of my job has been the opportunity to collaborate with amazing teammates. Portfolio-worthy assignments and sexy brands may come and go, but the people and personalities in any given team are what keep me motivated, happy and energized to produce beautiful work. I love helping my teams solve problems, and I get s**t done like no other.

When I'm not designing amidst fabulous teams, I am seeking out San Francisco's best whiskey sours with my husband James; cataloguing an incredibly extensive (and expensive) lipstick collection; and coloring and chatting with my two-year-old Jane. Life is good.